Thank you from your winner – Ryan!

ryanchealeI was introduced to the idea of I’m a scientist in a passing email from a past winner at my institution and I thought what the heck, this will be fun!

The two weeks of answering questions from you all was crazy. I’ve never gone out of my way so much to be on time for everything. I had alarms set so I could attend chats, I spent my evenings answering all the Ask! questions which were left for me and others.

I had questions ranging from “how many stars exist” to “why do I do science” each question was fantastic and there were so many I actually had to stop, think about and wonder how it actually worked.
Normally I’m one quick fire answers back but there were so many questions where I had to stop and think to even form an idea of an answer.

The whole event was an experience and I recommend it to anyone to try it, you’ll learn so much not only about your own area of expertise but also about others.

Thanks for all the fantastic question and I hope to see some of you at the events I will run!

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